Book Report: Do Hard Things

I didn’t like book reports when I was in school and now that I’m out, you can bet your last dime I wouldn’t write one if I didn’t think it was important.  I just finished the book Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris.  If you have a teenager, run and get this book, quickly.  This website called is the website kept by these teens who speak nationally about our national tendency to downplay the importance of teens and their abilities.  I bought the book for my young sister in law and I try to read anything I send to youngsters.  This book talks about how teenagers are being told that they are waiting for their lives to begin.  Reality is that teenagers throughout history have been accomplishing amazing things.    An endless list of historical figures from King David to Sacagawea were teens when they first were in power or did their first historical work.   Benjamin Franklin wrote his first political works at the age of fifteen.  San Martin joined the army at ten.  There are literally hundreds of examples. 

So, as we head into one of the most challenging times of our nation’s history, I fully intend to embrace the tenants of this book.  I want to teach them to my kids.  I want my kids to understand that we, as a people, always move forward.  Because, we do hard things…


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