Just My Opinion

Sorry for the sort of political diatribe, but I have been convinced by recent events that I should speak out.  If you have political burn out (as does most of my family now), skip this post.  Another friendly garden post will soon follow.

Apparently the state of Washington has decided to allow an anti-G-d rant that is insulting to Christians to be posted on the capital grounds next to the manger scene.  I’m a born again believer.  I suppose as evangelicals go, I have the creds that go with the name.  If I lived in Washington, I would have been out on Sunday protesting…

in support of the atheists sign.  Look, I deplore people who insult Christianity, and frankly, this WAS intended to insult Christianity because it was right next to the Christmas scene.  Though, it WAS an insult to all believers in a deity.  Still, the US constitution guarantees us a right to freedom of speech, not to freedom from insult.  Let’s look at it this way: being insulted is a small price to pay in order to get all ideas on the table.  Let’s listen to everyone, even if they’re being jerks. 

I’m not sure if you guys saw the footage of the guy hitting the little old lady with the cross at a demonstration in California?  Here’s this little old lady holding a cross, marching to oppose gay marriage.  And this guy whacks the cross out of her hands.  If you see the look on the guy’s face, it’s pretty chilling.  I suspect that if you caught that guy in other circumstances and asked him what he thought of folks who brutalize old ladies, he would have said that such people should be jailed.  My secret suspicion is that he is so passionate about his feelings for his cause, that he momentarily forgot what he was doing (at least I hope so…most folks take a dim view of bashing old people…).  He forgot that his view is certainly not the only view and we would all do well to listen to alternate viewpoints.  I note that most of the liberals I know are astoundingly bad at listening and considering alternate viewpoints.  When I worked at UCSF (as a receptionist, no grandiose positions here…), I had a discussion with a grad student.  I explained to her why I had rejected her viewpoint and then explained my viewpoint, at which point she said, “I can never consider that [idea here].”  Then I responded, “That makes you quite closed minded.”  Her mouth opened and closed for a few minutes like a dead fish having a ram error, and then she said, “I was thinking you are closed minded.”  I said, “Oh, because I’m a Christian, I’m closed minded?”  Her head started bobbing before she even thought it through, but I could see her blushing as she thought the conversation through, but I couldn’t help making it plain.  “So, I’ve considered your viewpoint and explained why I think it is incorrect.  You will not even consider my viewpoint, but clearly, you are open minded simply because you disagree with me?”  She said faintly, “You’re right.” and left crestfallen.  People on the left believe that they are open minded simply because of being on the left.  I think that those of us who are conservatives would do well to allow the left to expose their folly over and over again to the public.  The press has decided never to allow alternate viewpoints these days, because they are expressly liberal.  The amusing part of that is that bloggers have prospered because the press has refused to be open minded (or even journalists, for that matter…).  Frankly, when my grandkids are talking about the death of print press, I’ll have to explain to them that it was suicide.

In any case, I say, though I disagree with what the atheists have to say, I will fight for their right to say it.  I challenge liberals to attempt to regain this ground.  Let the little old lady have her cross, and you’d be smart to listen to what she has to say.  Although you may not agree with her, she has lived forty years longer than you have and she has some wisdom to put on the table that you haven’t even considered yet.


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