What Obama Didn’t Do

Sorry, yet another political post.

The governor of Illinois (Blagojevich) was caught on tape attempting to extort bribes in exchange for the appointment of Barak Obama’s empty senate seat.  Excerpts of the tape seem to suggest the only defense the governor can raise is the “alien possession defense” of Star Trek fame.  Pieces of the tape make it appear that when offered the opportunity to purchase the seat on behalf of their candidate, the Obama representative politely declined.  Every article I’ve read about this seems to suggest that clearly, that means the President Elect (caps?  like a formal noun?  not sure, please forgive) has clean hands in this affair.  May I politely disagree?

There are 100 US Senators.  The senator from the state of Illinois will enjoy a rare position that is unelected.   A single person has a right to appoint that person.  This was an enormous responsibility.   Blagojevich blew it.  The day  he was arrested, I should have woken to the headlines “President Elect Turns in Rogue Dishonest Governor”.  Instead, the headlines I read all seemed to say, “Hey, isn’t it great our future President didn’t play ball?”  I guess that’s ok, if you have low expectations, but my expectations are considerably higher.  So, why didn’t Senator Obama tell someone about Blagojevich?  I think anyone who has watched the political climate over the last several years knows how that dance would go.  “Crazy President Elect Accuses Perfectly Innocent Governor of Wrongdoing: Democrats Embarrassed at Weak Attempt to Influence Senate Decision” (I suppose he underestimated the strength of the love the media bears for him). 

Is it really asking too much of a politician to turn in others who are behaving inappropriately?  Are you kidding me?  The presidency is the executive branch, that’s what they are supposed to DO.  Look, Obama has stated that he wants to begin a public service corps.  He would like for me and my kids to join this corps and give our time to our nation for free.  He is asking to expand our government in fairly unpopular ways.  That’s a tough request for the people of the US.  I guess, in my opinion, Obama doesn’t have the right to ask hard things of me if he doesn’t intend to do hard things, too.  Regardless of the twenty-four hour lovefest between the media and President Elect Obama, our future president did NOT comport himself well in this affair.


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