In Hiding…

One thing about me that is seriously strange is that I am somewhat supersticious.  I’m a follower of Jesus, which to me means that I ultimately believe every action in our world is under control of the supernatural.  However, if I have a series of rotten (unlucky?) events, my first instinct is weirdly superstitious.  That is to say, if everything I touch seems to be blowing up, I tend to just stop touching things.  I have had a series of these kinds of days, and so today, I find myself reluctant to do anything.  While this self-imposed exile is rather a nice mini-vacation, it has the ugly consequence of leaving me with six days of work to cram into four or five days.  So, this time, I’m forcing myself to blog and hoping I don’t break the computer.  So far so

OK, just kidding there.


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