Have a Blessed Lent

I perhaps haven’t made it clear that I’m a protestant.  Let me make it clear: I’m a protestant. 

Still, I am moved to take part in Lent this year, in part because of this article: http://blog.beliefnet.com/crunchycon/2009/02/giving-things-up-for-lent.html#more

What has happened to our culture in the US?  We have become so shockingly selfish.  Our politicians, whether we like it or not, have tons of people on staff who make it their job to discern what we actually want (and then ignore us entirely).  Our politicians were trying to sell the extremely unpopular stimulus bill to us by saying “Don’t worry, we’ll borrow the money and YOU won’t have to pay a dime.  Feel free to have a wonderful spending venture that your kids will pay for later on.”  What you should notice is what your politicians didn’t say.  They didn’t say, “Hey, this is going to be a rough one, we all need to stick together, make sacrifices, and pitch in to help each other.”  You know why they didn’t say that?  Because they think they know us well enough to know that we are too freaking selfish to do anything for anyone else.  OK, you don’t like Bush.  OK, Obama is the most wonderful being to set foot in our galaxy since Jesus himself.  Don’t you feel just a teency tad bit selfish stealing from children?  I mean, is that what we’ve come to?

I think a little Lent would help all of us.  I am going to give up eating out for Lent.  We are also giving up cable television and giving the money to charity.  If there were children starving in other countries before this economic insanity, I’m sure charities are going to be strained after it.  Take a moment here and think of something you can give up for 39 days in order to help someone else for a change.


4 Responses to “Have a Blessed Lent”

  1. engineeredgarden Says:

    I think all politicians are liars, and can’t be trusted. I also think Obama’s promises have good intentions, but are very far fetched. The reason why we are in this mess is because of greed, in my opinion. I just had to give my input on it….sorry.


  2. Carolynp Says:

    Actually, I 100% agree eg. I just don’t agree that it is only politicians that are to blame for this. I could post a hundred links to various sites where I’ve read ways to thwart banks attempting to get you to pay your mortgage. That’s greed. And it’s little people. A hundred million tiny greedy people can cause an entire system to fail as easily as a few CEO’s.

  3. Al Says:

    Still into growing strawberries?

  4. spcastles Says:

    BTW: I think that Al may be a sales site, but it has uber cool strawberry towers on it. More on that as I progress in the season.

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